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MKW RAPID UT · PC control system

The latest industrial PC technology is used for precise control
of the systems and digital monitoring of the collating process.
You can also use it to connect to your own production control
systems. With its high-grade TFT display, the operating system
permits easy operation of the machines. All settings are made
using logically structured menus, which are simply called up on
the display. Operator guidance and colour-shaded status displays
ensure an optimal production flow.

An intelligent control system

  • Storing and recalling of
    job configurations within seconds
  • Combinable production
    meters for exact runs and batching
  • Special functions included
    as standard; can be programmed
    at stations of your choice
  • Quality control with missing/double
    sheet monitoring at each station
    included as standard
  • Optional barcode scanner
    for quality control and
    sheet detection at each station
  • Automatic ejection of faulty sets
    for "non-stop" operation
  • Dynamic station selection
    to minimise set-up times
    when changing jobs