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World's largest computer-controlled automatic collator

MKW presents the world's largest computer-controlled automatic collator of the printing industry.

The GIANT was developed in only 4 months for design and production time and brought in the first week of May 2010 in first test run. With a number of 10 feeders it reaches a loading capacity of 10 tons of paper and is able to handle this huge volume in about 1.5 hours. The sheet size reaches a format width of 1.2 m, covering the needs of the packaging industry.

The machine will be used in the processing of the food industry for a British packaging combine to mix the different image boxes of chocolate selection. With a speed of around 25.000 printed sheets per hour, it struggles through mountains of paper. Like all MKW machines these machine is equipped with its own MKW PC control system and meet all conceivable functions of printing paper finishing processing.

With pride the CEO Bernhard Klasen and CEO Friedbert Wimmer are presenting the perfectly designed system. The employees Frank Moeller (construction) and Achim Ginsterblum (software) saw in the task a challenge and are pleased with the high response in the market and of new requests for such collating lines.

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