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Company Profile

Proven Technology from Single Source

„The benefit to our customers
is our priority. We measure
our success by the satisfaction
of our customers.“

Bernhard Klasen, Friedbert Wimmer
Managing directors

Setting new standards has become a tradition for us. Our staff consistently rise to the fresh challenges created by our customers' high expectations. The expertise accumulated in this way forms the basis for comprehensive enhancement of our systems. This, in turn, means we can continually introduce innovative products that respond to current needs.

Our company handles both the technical design and the manu- facturing of our products. This makes us independent from third-party providers, which means we can provide you with fast and knowledgeable customer support. What's more, this puts us in a position to cater to your own individual preferences and meet your particular needs.

Our knowledgeable staff, all specialists with many years of experience in development, design engineering and assembly, test the viability of customer-specific applications and optimise them. We have responded to growing customer interest and rising output figures with continuous growth both in our production facilities and in our employee numbers.

Efficient industrial manufacturing guarantees flexibility and short lead times. Careful assembly and exacting quality control guarantee the proper functioning of our machines and ensure that our customers are satisfied.

To meet the rising demands of the market, and our customers' needs with regard to expertise and customer service, we work only with experienced sales partners, both in Germany and throughout the world. Our partners guarantee our close contact to our customers, helping to reinforce trust in our company.